Returns Policy

  1. If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete at the time of delivery, please raise a return request on website. The return request must be raised within a day
  2. For electronic appliance-related issues after usage or after the return policy period, please check if the product is covered under the seller warranty or brand warranty. For more information on warranty claims, please view our Warranty Policy.
  3. For selected categories, we accept a change of mind. Please refer to the section below on Return Policy per Category for more information.

Valid reasons to return an item

  1. The delivered product is damaged (i.e. physically destroyed or broken) / defective (e.g. unable to switch on)
  2. The delivered product is incomplete (i.e. has missing items and/or accessories).
  3. The delivered product is incorrect (i.e. wrong product/size/color, fake item, or expired)
  4. The delivered product does not match the product description or picture (i.e product not as advertised)
  5. The delivered product does not fit. (i.e. size is unsuitable)

Conditions for Returns

  1. The product must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and without any flaws. For fashion products, products may be tried on to see if the item fits. This will still be considered unworn.
  2. The product must include the original tags, user manuals, warranty cards, freebies, invoices,s, and accessories.
  3. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer’s packaging/box. If the product was delivered in packaging/box, the same packaging/box should be returned. Do not put tape or stickers directly on the manufacturer’s packaging/box.

Issuance of Refunds

If your product is eligible for a refund, you can choose your preferred refund method based on the table below. The shipping fee is refunded along with the amount paid for your returned product.

The time required to complete a refund depends on the refund method you have selected. The refund time starts once the quality check is completed. (For quality check timelines refer table below)

Item TypeDrop Off TATPickup TATHand over to Daraz WHQC TAT
Non Bulky48 hours from return request initiatedN/A3 working days3 days
BulkyN/A5 working days from the return request initiated5 working days once the item is picked5 days

Payment MethodRefund OptionRefund Time
Debit/ Credit CardDebit/ Credit Card10 Working Days
HBL Direct TransferHBL Account5 Working Days
Refund Voucher2 Working Days
Equated Monthly InstallmentsCredit Card10 Working Days
Easypaisa WalletEasypaisa Wallet5 Working Days
Cash on Delivery (COD) Wallet1 Working Days
Refund VoucherRefund Voucher2 Working Days
JazzCash Mobile AccountWallet1 Working Days
Modes of RefundDescription
WalletThe wallet needs to be activated in order to access the refund amount. Refunds can also be withdrawn to a bank account from within the Wallet. All orders paid through Cash on Delivery (COD), Easypaisa Shop (OTC), or JazzCash Mobile Account will only be refunded to the Wallet.
Refund VoucherVouchers will be sent to the customer registered email ID on Electronica and can be redeemed against the same email ID.
Debit Card or Credit CardIf the refunded amount is not reflected in your card statement after the refund is completed and you have received a notification from Electronica, please contact your personal bank.
Easypaisa WalletIf the refunded amount is not reflected in your Easypaisa Wallet statement after the refund is completed: i) Please dial 3737 from your Easypaisa number or 051-111-345-100 from any other number to contact the Easypaisa help center.
Bank DepositThe bank account details provided must be correct and the account must be active and should hold some balance. Do not provide account details of Basic Bank Account (BBA), National Bank, and Khyber bank as refunds cannot be processed for these options. IBAN number will be needed to refund the amount.

Important Note: The Voucher discount code can only be applied once. The leftover amount will not be refunded or used for the next purchase even if the value of the order is smaller than the voucher value.

Pre-Paid Orders Failed/False Delivery Refund Grid:

Payment MethodRefund OptionRefund Time
Debit/Credit CardDebit/Credit Card25 Working Days
HBL Direct TransferHBL Account20 Working Days
WalletWallet16 Working Days
Equated Monthly InstallmentsCredit Card25 Working Days
Easypaisa WalletEasypaisa Wallet20 Working Days
Easypaisa Shop (OTC)Wallet16 Working Days
Refund VoucherRefund Voucher17 Working Days
JazzCash Mobile AccountWallet16 Working Days