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2000g Stainless Steel Electric Grain Grinder Mill for Grinding Various Grains Spice Grain Mill Herb Grinder Pulverizer Powder

  • [High-quality Material] Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, thick, hard, and durable. Design with locking buckle prevents material spillage. The overload protector button will automatically cut off the power at any abnormal time.
  • [Grind machine parameter] Voltage: 220v; Load Power-3500w (2000g); Rated Power: 700W; Degree of grinding: 50-300 mesh; capacity: 4.4 lbs. (2000g); motor speed: 25000(r/min); crushed level: superfine mill; principle: high-speed grinder.
  • [Super smash function] Three-layer blade with crushing blade, horn blade, and powder removal blade, It only takes 30 seconds to grind all kinds of dehydrated food, wheat, corn, sesame, coffee, soybean, pepper into a fine powder.
  • [LCD Timer] Powder grinder with LCD digital display, easy to adjust and read time, intelligent control, easy to operate.
  • [Easy to use] Smooth inner wall and cylinder design, the pulverizing machine can be tilted 270 degrees, easy to pour out grain powder.

3000g Stainless Steel Electric Grain Grinder Mill For Grinding Various Grains Spice Grain Mill Herb Grinder Pulverizer Powder

  • Advantage: It can directly grind more than 15 head pseudo-ginseng without slicing or cutting. The colors and flavors of different materials will not be mingled together.
  • Capacity:3000g Speed : 26000r/min Fineness: 80-300 mesh
  • Material:430 stainless steel, healthy and sustainable.
  • This machine can rotate 270° and users can hold the machine to make grinding finer.
  • Application: It is suitable for Common medicine, Cereals, Tonic, Fiber material, Dried food

750g Stainless Steel Electric Grain Grinder Mill For Grinding Various Grains Spice Grain Mill Herb Grinder Pulverizer Powder

Buy Quality grinding machine directly from ... Food Grinder Mill Grinding Machine gristmill home medicine flour powder crusher ... 220V/1500W Electric Dough Mixer Professional Eggs Blender Kitchen .

Ambiano 4-In-1 Food Processor, Chopper, Juicer, Blender and Mill

  • 1 x premium food processor
  • 1 x stainless steel blade
  • 1 x dough blade
  • 1 x whisk
  • 1 x whisk attachment
  • 1 x slicing/julienne disc
  • 1 x grating disc
  • 1 x emulsifying disc
  • 1 x space compressor
  • 1 x food pusher
  • 1 x 1.2l bowl
  • 1 x bowl cover
  • 2 x driveshaft

Buy Professional Electric Dry Food Mill Grinding Machines in Pakistan

Features: It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, can move freely, and has the advantages of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, both electricity and security and other characteristics. The super high speed motor as the driving force, the latest anti locking blade, a main blade lengthened, more thoroughly crushed, medicinal powder fineness. Grinding speed, grinding time of traditional Chinese medicine is generally not more than 3 minutes, breaking time less than 3 seconds, the timing switch, can set the grinding time, grinding complete automatic shutdown, use more convenient. Clean sanitation, work laid the dust, using food grade silicone seals, crushing material without loss, crushing chamber adopts food grade stainless steel drawing process, wall using high gloss polishing technology, smooth and easy to clean, crushing different drugs never string color and odor, grinding groove and blades are made of stainless steel, meet avoid iron in many Chinese herbs requirements. Simple operation, personnel without special training, the latest by button pressing type free threaded quick open cover, cover more convenient. Good durability, cost-effective. Blade is of special steel and advanced shaver homogeneous, smash 100-200kg pieces without tool change. The mill the latest increase air overload protector, the comprehensive protection of the motor, to avoid overload and burn motor.

Calor Kozy Portable Gas Heater


Calor Kozy Portable Gas Heater

As energy prices rocket, pay as you go with our Seasons Warmth Cabinet Heater. Why heat the whole house when a superior portable heater can give you powerful heating you need, in whatever room you are using at the time. Ideal for spot heating, power cuts, or any emergency where you need a reliable heat source.
As the first manufacturer of an unvented gas heater in Iran, Calor Kozy Portable Gas Heater takes pride in meeting your satisfaction through the presentation of this heater.
This heater which solely uses(LPG) and (NG) is very economical and reliable and can be used with utmost comfort at home, at the office, or on any other similar premises.
This MOBILE infrared heater is manufactured under the license of SICAR/Ireland, taking benefit of the latest technological achievements in the world in terms of energy optimization, and brings about significant savings to your expenses through the prevention of energy loss. This heater is manufactured according to ANSI Z21.11.2 Standard and provides you with the highest level of safety. Due to the 99.9% efficiency of this product, the fuel is virtually transformed into heat, in contrast to the vented heaters where over 30% of the generated heat is lost through the chimney.
  • Characteristics: Efficiency(99.9%)
  • Heat transfer by radiation and convection
  • Equipped with piezoelectric ignition
  • Equipped with an oxygen depletion safety system(ODS): While carbon dioxide is the end result of total consumption, its content in the air should be controlled. The oxygen depletion system is highly sensitive to the oxygen content in the atmosphere and in case its content decreases below a certain limit or the carbon dioxide content increases irregularly, the heater is turned off and will not be turned on until the total ventilation of the ambient air.
  • The heater’s body is coated with electrostatic powder-coating paint by fully automated equipment.
  • It is available in various colors to suit any decoration.
  • Burner with full combustion and lowest emissions such as carbon monoxide, easy handling, and portability of liquid capsules, heat transfer in two radiant and displacement methods, powder paint coating of the furnace by electrostatic and fully automatic method, equipped with Piezo Electric igniter, thermocouple safety system

Dawlance 20 L Microwave DW – MD 15 – classic series

DW-MD-15 - Microwave Oven - 700V - WhiteCook With Care, Well Done Not Rare Getting tired of hours of cooking for your family, or guests? worry no more! Get this Cooking Series Microwave Oven MD15 - 20 Ltr - white and make yourself tension-free from cooking. For desires or late-night nibbling, this MD-15 is the microwave to satisfy your cravings or simple-to-make snacks. From blend vegetable soup, hot espresso, cream caramel to brownies, spread popcorn, or tea, this is the ideal match for the family that says no to comfort food.

Specifications of Dawlance DW-MD-15 - Microwave Oven - White

  • Brand
  • Dawlance
  • Warranty Policy EN
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty
What’s in the box
1 x warranty card1 x oven
Name: Dawlance Microwave 20Ltr /MD15

Dawlance Convection Microwave Oven, 25 Liters, DW-115 CHZP


Product details of Microwave Oven DW-115 CHZP 25 Liters Red & Black.

  • The convection technology in our baking series microwaves allows you to prepare delicious Pakistani cuisines through the built-in menu
  • also lets you bake cakes, pizzas, naan khatai, cookies, brownies, and a lot more.
  • Dawlance Convection System Microwave Oven DW 115 CHZ From Dawlance Authorised Online Store "Electronica Pakistan"25 Liter Size
  • Glass Turn Table
  • Pizza Maker Plate
  • Large grilling stand
  • Convection System
  • Grill System
  • 64 Built-in Recipes
  • Appetizers, Snacks & Bake, South Asian, Vegetable $ Rice, Makhni Dishes, Desi Dishes, Curry & Daal, International, Deserts, Steam Chicken
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Built-in Fan
  • Exhaust
  • Futuristic Look
  • Large handle
  • Chromatic Dial & Menu Selector
  • Built-in Timer
  • 292mm (H) × 486mm (W) × 405 MM (D)
  • 220 Volts - 1250 Watts Grill - 50 Mhz

Dawlance DW-MD7 – Microwave Oven – Black


Specifications of Dawlance DW-MD7 - Microwave Oven - Black

  • Brand:, Dawlance
  • SKU: DA705EL1KOSQ6NAFAMZ-3045680
  • Model: md7
  • Warranty Policy EN
    1 x Year Brand Warranty
What’s in the box
1 x Microwave Oven 1 x Warranty card

Donut & Biscuit Maker KC-1105

Generic Non-Stick Donut / Biscuit Maker/ Cookie Maker Machine - Make Testy Home Cookies & Biscuits Brand Name: DSP Model: KC1105Voltage: 220V- 50HzPower: 1400WFeatures cast plate with non-stick surface and easy cleaning.

Dr. Water Electric Fast Quick Hot Water Heater Systems For Tap/Faucet in your Kitchen Sink Basin or Bathroom Mixers

  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 9 x 6 cm; 120 Grams
  • Date First Available: 27 October 2018
  • Item part number: Electric Hot Water Tap
  • Item Weight: 120 g
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 14 x 9 x 6 Centimeters

DW – MD10 – Dawlance -Cooking Series -Microwave – Oven – Black


Specifications of Dawlance Dawlance Dawlance DW - MD10 - Dawlance -Cooking Series -Microwave - Oven - Black

  • Brand Dawlance
  • SKU: DA705EL08NXM4NAFAMZ-4478780
  • Warranty Policy EN: 1 Year Brand Warranty
What’s in the box:: 1 x microwave DW-MD10