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Alooni Evaporative Commercial Air Cooling System (AC-1455) Made In Iran


Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made In Iran (AC–1455) With Pad

  • Model 2024
  • Integrated butterfly, monofilament, galvanized sheet body,
  • precise water supply system
  • 100% fresh air Central Air cooling
  • Ducting solution with complete fitting and installation
  • Special design for that area is very much hot and manpower work issue
  • Energy efficiency A Up to 90% less power consumption than other water coolers It has four lattice bodies and thus increases the cooling efficiency Designed for places with cooler entrances through the window or balcony Lower space occupancy due to the outlet openings on the cooler roof
  • Resists voltage fluctuations,
  • without disturbing the operation of the cooler
  • With Cooling Pad


  • Dimensions: Width 34.5, Height 39.5, Depth 34.5 (Inch)
  • Weight (kg): 70kg
  • Air delivery (Cfm-M3/h):
  • Power usage (w): 690
  • Cooling output in m3 under normal operation circumstances: 320 Water consumption in 35°C & 20% relative humidity (lit/h): 36
  • Motor Specification Power: 1/2 HP Speed: 2
  • Phase: 1 Frequency (Hz): 50 Voltage (V): 220
  • Pump Specification: Power (HP): 1/60 Phase: 1 Frequency (Hz): 50 Voltage (V): 220

Alooni Tarbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC – 1435)

Dimension Length Width Height  Aaration 4000 Mhr Engine Power 1/3 HP Power Station HP Outlet 34/5 x 34/5 Power Supply Voltage / Frequency 220V / 50Hz Net weight 48 Kg

Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-1432)

Big Air Evaporative air cooler AC - 1432 Voltage: 220 V Frequency: 50 Hz Motor HP: 1/4 Air flow: 2000 cfm / 942 L / s Power MAX / min: 370/200 W Current MAX / min: 1.7 / 0.9 A Cooling efficiency: 80% Air discharge: Side

Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-1475)


Features Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-1475)

Alooni Evaporative Commercial Air Cooling System AC-1475, Made In Iran, For Big Hall, Conference Room, Marriage Hall, Mosques, Libraries, Kettle Farm, and Poultry Farm (Home and Industrial) Keeping your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm, summer months can be a frustrating and often expensive task, to say the least. Evaporative coolers – also known as swamp coolers – offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-3200) Made in Iran

The evaporative cooler uses less energy to evaporate water than other cooling systems; as a result, it saves energy. The evaporative cooler also prevents the skin from drying out and cracking wooden furniture. With its updated design and in compliance with international standards, Alooni’s evaporative cooler creates the necessary humidity in hot and dry weather and gives you a pleasant and refreshing climate.
    • Dimensions  Width 24 x Height 30 x  Depth 24 (Inch)
    • For 25 square meters of area (depending on conditions)
    • Engine Power (HP): 1/6
    • Equipped with a life-saving key

Alooni Turbo Fan Air Cooler Made In Iran (AC-1547) with Pad

We provide you with the best quality air coolers in town, now save electricity and let your loved ones stay in a cool environment!
It has amazing features like:
•90 Liter Tank Capacity
•Aero Dynamic Fan
•Honey Comb Cooling Pad
•Heavy Duty Copper Motor
•Imported Water Pump

BARFAB Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran ( BF2 )


Product Features Water Cooler Model BF2

Equipped with an axial fan, one of the unique features of the water cooler is the  BF2  Barfab model. Accordingly, ducting operations are not required to install the air conditioner. BF2 water cooler transfers cool air to the interior by taking the outside air directly and performing the cooling process. The use of galvanized sheets in the structure of the body has caused the high resistance of the water cooler to corrosion, erosion, and various shocks. Benefiting from flexible belts and low-consumption electric motors are other features of this product. Equipped with quality electric motors and pumps - Barfab products with electromotors are offered with a 5-year electromotor warranty, which is specified on the product packaging. Dear customers: Please note that some of the Barfab products that are available in the sellers' warehouse may have used an electric motor with another brand. If this is important to you, please consult the seller before buying.
  • New Series Model 2023
  • Body material: galvanized
  • Engine power: one-eighth of a horsepower
  • Electric power of water pump: 45 watts
  • Electric power of the cooler: minimum 200 - maximum 250 watts
  • Aeration rate: 1500 cubic meters per hour
  • Valve dimensions: 244 * 252
  • Product dimensions - height - mm: 540
  • Product dimensions - width - mm: 600
  • Product dimensions - depth - mm: 430

Advantages of water cooler model BF2

High construction quality, good efficiency, and optimal efficiency are the most important advantages of the BF2 model water cooler. Having a quality license, durable belts, and quality straws are other advantages of this product.

Safety items

  • Get help from experienced and specialized people for the installation
  • Complete power outage for service and replacement of straws
  • Use insulating rubber for underfoot

Parts and components

The motor, the electric pump, is one of the important components of the BF2 water cooler building. The hollow walls, impeller, floor, body, power distribution box, and valve are the other components of the water cooler. Introducing Barfab brand Barfab brand has gained a special place among domestic buyers and customers by producing quality home appliances. This brand satisfies the needs and expectations of consumers by producing and offering quality and durable products, along with competitive and economical prices.


Due to its small dimensions and ease of transportation, this AC Cooler can be used directly in small environments such as shops or offices. Beauty in design increased safety, and simplicity in use are among the very important criteria of this AC Cooler.
  • New Series Model 2023
  • Less noise and vibration
  • More ventilation (metal impeller)
  • 1000 CFM
  • Easy portability
  • Using galvanized sheets with high thickness and suitable coating according to national standards
  • Low energy consumption along with high work efficiency
  • No vibration (due to the use of balanced and resistant blowers)
  • Coating using the highest quality electrostatic paints resistant to sunlight
  • High cooling efficiency (due to the use of the best type of cloth)
  • Dimensions (height, length, width): 57 x 50 x 50 cm
  • for an area of ​​20 to 30 square meters (according to conditions)
  • It has a motor power of 1/8 horsepower