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Electric Baking Pan Household Automatic Suspension Double-Sided Heating Frying pan Pancake Machine



25mm deepened grill pan, all grill pans are made of die-cast aluminum, with American DuPont coating, less oily smoke, not easy to stick to the pan, and easy to clean. Three levels of firepower adjustment, which can fry steak, salmon, toast, prawns, and other foods. When the machine is overheated, it will automatically cut off the power and ask questions. It will not paste the pot and save power and worry!

Note: To protect the coating, please use a wooden or silicone spatula to avoid rubbing the surface with hard objects.

Electric Food Dehydrator


Dryer for vegetables and fruits

A five-level electric dryer for drying herbs, herbs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, meat, poultry, and fish while preserving the taste and nutrients of the products. The body and trays of the dryer are made of food-grade heat-resistant plastic that is resistant to high temperatures and does not emit harmful substances and foreign odors. Keeps the taste and aroma of products natural. 5 height-adjustable removable sections allow you to place maximum products in a small volume and achieve their best distribution for fast and even drying. For each product, you can select the optimal temperature range from 40 to 70 ° C.

Electric Rice Cooker, Commercial, 18L Large Capacity, Automatic Insulation, Multi-function, Suitable For Hotels, Canteens, Schools, and Restaurant For 15-30 People (Size: 18L)

  • ★ Material: black crystal non-stick inner tank, heated chassis, wear resistance, no deformation, rice is more delicious.
  • ★ Using the measuring cup can reach the ideal ratio of rice to water. Because the inner pot has a non-stick coating, the rice will not burn and stick to the pan.
  • ★ One-touch cooking button to start the cooking cycle, once completed, automatically activate the keep warm function.
  • ★ The rice is perfectly cooked in about 25 minutes. Our rice cooker is suitable for cooking: white rice, porridge, cake, soup, etc.
  • ★ Easy to clean and operate, it can also be used by the elderly and children, suitable for all families, hotels, schools, construction sites, etc.

Imported Professional Single Panini Grill / Electric Contact Grill

  • Simple Operation
  • Easy to clean
  • power consumption 2000Watts
  • nonstick coated plates
  • Stainless steel body
  • 1-Year Local Warranty.

Multi-Functional Electric Pan – Make Curries/Pizza/Fry Vegetables and more…

The transparent tempered glass lid with steam vent, adjustable temperature control, and cool-touch handles aids safe and trouble-free cooking. Easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and energy-efficient, the pan cooks, heat, and warms food promptly. Electric Pan is a perfect helping hand for family dinners, parties, holidays, and bachelors and for a kitchen buzzing with activity. Product Highlights
  • Cooks much more efficiently than an oven or burner
  • Ideal to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner and different types of dishes
  • Tempered Glass lid to monitor the progress of cooking
  • A wide base helps to cook more
  • The Non-Stick Coating consumes less oil and retains more flavor
  • Control the temperature as you want according to the food being cooked

Original Geepas ELECTRIC SINGLE HOT PLATE 1000 Watts 2 year warranty

Highly portable and compact, the cast iron single Hotplate is ideal for all table top cooking, backing and food preparation tasks from Frying and boiling to simmering from warming tasks, this versatile, durable design is uniquely portable perfect for camping, holiday homes, events and the workplace.