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Alooni Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative coolers – also known as swamp coolers – offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.
Alooni Air Cooler in Pakistan at
Alooni 1455

Alooni Evaporative Commercial Air Cooling System (AC-1455) Made In Iran


Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made In Iran (AC–1455) With Khass Price: 95000. With Pad Price 105000

  • Model 2023
  • Integrated butterfly, monofilament, galvanized sheet body,
  • precise water supply system
  • 100% fresh air Central Air cooling
  • Ducting solution with complete fitting and installation
  • Special design for that area is very much hot and manpower work issue
  • Energy efficiency A Up to 90% less power consumption than other water coolers It has four lattice bodies and thus increases the cooling efficiency Designed for places with cooler entrances through the window or balcony Lower space occupancy due to the outlet openings on the cooler roof
  • Resists voltage fluctuations,
  • without disturbing the operation of the cooler


  • Dimensions: Width 34.5, Height 39.5, Depth 34.5 (Inch)
  • Weight (kg): 70kg
  • Air delivery (Cfm-M3/h):
  • Power usage (w): 690
  • Cooling output in m3 under normal operation circumstances: 320 Water consumption in 35°C & 20% relative humidity (lit/h): 36
  • Motor Specification Power: 1/2 HP Speed: 2
  • Phase: 1 Frequency (Hz): 50 Voltage (V): 220
  • Pump Specification: Power (HP): 1/60 Phase: 1 Frequency (Hz): 50 Voltage (V): 220
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Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-1432)

Big Air Evaporative air cooler AC - 1432 Voltage: 220 V Frequency: 50 Hz Motor HP: 1/4 Air flow: 2000 cfm / 942 L / s Power MAX / min: 370/200 W Current MAX / min: 1.7 / 0.9 A Cooling efficiency: 80% Air discharge: Side
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Alooni 1435

Alooni Tarbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC - 1435)

AC-1435 Khas Price: 67500, Pad Price: 72500 Dimension Length Width Height  Aaration 4000 Mhr Engine Power 1/3 HP Power Station HP Outlet 34/5 x 34/5 Power Supply Voltage / Frequency 220V / 50Hz Net weight 48 Kg
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