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CV-950F Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner 2100W Capacity 25Ltr

Original price was: ₨ 52,500.Current price is: ₨ 47,500.
This Hitachi CV950F for home & Commercial vacuum cleaner is worth investing in as it offers an 25L dust capacity and a 2100W motor with good suction prowess. With its metal body, the home appliance grants durability and peace of mind. This vacuum cleaner’s extension pipe and hose stand make it suitable for cleaning areas that are not accessible easily. Cannot go wrong by investing in this vacuum cleaner that can diligently clean the entire house. Motor Max.Power (W) at 240V, 2100. Blower Function. Suction Control. Dust Filter, Cloth Filter (Washable). Dust Capacity (L), 25.0. Dust Indicator.

Hitachi 21 Liters Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV-950Y

Original price was: ₨ 25,500.Current price is: ₨ 20,500.
Clean your home of dirt and dust with the Hitachi CV950 Drum Vacuum Cleaner. Designed to get rid of dirt efficiently, the appliance makes the floor  hygienic and spotless. It features an 18L dust capacity with dust indicator. Boasting of a powerful 2000W motor, the vacuum cleaner delivers brilliant suction prowess that ensures broad, hassle free cleaning. The home appliance sports a strong metal body that grants it durability. The extension pipe and hose stand of the vacuum cleaner make it suitable for cleaning areas that are not easily accessible. Available in platinum grey, the Hitachi CV950 Drum Vacuum Cleaner comes with various features, such as cloth filter, on board storage, and blower function, giving you a powerful and thorough performance. The Hitachi CV950 Drum vacuum cleaner reviews are spotless, just like your floors.

Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner (CV-960Y)

Original price was: ₨ 25,500.Current price is: ₨ 20,500.

Hitachi never disappoints you! It has dependably been caught up with assembling quality electronic items for its esteemed clients. CV-960Y 2000W Vacuum Cleaner is another item that will add to the apparatuses at your home. With CV-960Y 2000W you can undoubtedly clean the center regions of your home which are inaccessible. Besides, you can undoubtedly trap dust, pet dander, and dust, preventing them from getting away again into the air. So it's a great opportunity to stay crisp and sound with Hitachi!

Product details of Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner CV-960Y

  • Brand Warranty
  • Powerful 2000W (Max.) Motor
  • Extra-large 23-liter dust capacity with dust indicator
  • Strong body
  • Easy Dust Disposal
  • Pipe and hose stand

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Brand new high quality compatible extension rod and cleaning accessory kit for your vacuum cleaner. This space saving extension tube is easily adjustable at the push of a button. The durable mechanism will keep the chrome tube strong and secure once clicked in place.