Warranty Policy

How do I know if my product has a warranty?

You may check if your product has a warranty by visiting the product page and checking under the ‘Return & Warranty’ section.

Types of Warranties:

  1. Brand Warranty: Brand warranties are warranties provided by the brand/manufacturer of the product. Electronica Pakistan does not take any responsibility for after-sales services provided by the brand/manufacturer. Customers will need to approach the brand directly through their authorized service centers to submit the products for repair/replacement under warranty conditions.

2. Seller Warranty: Seller warranties are warranties provided directly by the seller who has sold the product to you. Please note that the terms and conditions of this warranty may differ from seller to seller. Customers may check directly with the seller via the chat function on the product page.

3. International Manufacturer/Seller Warranty: This warranty is directly offered by international manufacturers/sellers of the product. The geographical location of the service center may vary based on the brand’s regional presence and may require the customer to ship the product out of the country to be repaired/replaced. Customers have to follow the warranty process as mentioned on the warranty card or on the brand’s official website.

Note: All warranties do not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications.