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Aabsal Evaporative Cooler Model (AC-31D) Made in Iran

  • Dimensions (mm) : 600-585-420 (Length-Height-Depth)
  • Weight (kg) 21
  • Air deivery (cfm-M3/h) : 900-1500

Aabsal Evaporative Cooler with Cellulose Pads (AC/CP33K) Made in Iran

  • Dimensions (mm) : 700-600-600 (Length-Height-Depth)
  • Weight (kg) 28.73
  • Air deivery (cfm-M3/h) : 1300-2200

Alooni Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made in Iran (AC-1432)

Big Air Evaporative air cooler AC - 1432 Voltage: 220 V Frequency: 50 Hz Motor HP: 1/4 Air flow: 2000 cfm / 942 L / s Power MAX / min: 370/200 W Current MAX / min: 1.7 / 0.9 A Cooling efficiency: 80% Air discharge: Side

Alooni Turbo Fan Air Cooler Made In Iran (AC-1547) with Pad

We provide you with the best quality air coolers in town, now save electricity and let your loved ones stay in a cool environment!
It has amazing features like:
•90 Liter Tank Capacity
•Aero Dynamic Fan
•Honey Comb Cooling Pad
•Heavy Duty Copper Motor
•Imported Water Pump

Garmai Janoob Turbo Blower Air Cooler Made In Iran

The evaporative cooler uses less energy to evaporate water than other cooling systems; as a result, it saves energy. The evaporative cooler also prevents the skin from drying out and cracking wooden furniture. With its updated design and in compliance with international standards, Alooni’s evaporative cooler creates the necessary humidity in hot and dry weather and gives you a pleasant and refreshing climate.
  • Dimensions (L , W , H): 60*60*70
  • For 25 square meters of area (depending on conditions)
  • Engine Power (HP): 1/6
  • Equipped with a life-saving key