Hitachi CV-960Y Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi 25 Liters Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV-960Y

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Hitachi never disappoints you! It has dependably been caught up with assembling quality electronic items for its esteemed clients. CV-960Y 2500W Vacuum Cleaner is another item that will add to the apparatuses at your home. With CV-960Y 2500W you can undoubtedly clean the center regions of your home which are inaccessible. Besides, you can undoubtedly trap dust, pet dander, and dust, preventing it from getting away again into the air. So it’s a great opportunity to stay crisp and sound with Hitachi!

Product details of Hitachi 25 Liters Drum Vacuum Cleaner CV-960Y

  • Brand Warranty
  • Powerful 2500W (Max.) Motor
  • Extra-large 25-liter dust capacity with dust indicator
  • Strong body
  • Easy Dust Disposal
  • Pipe and hose stand
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