Panasonic 10 in 1 Food Factory Made in Malaysia

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Panasonic 10 in 1 Food Factory Made in Malaysia

Key Features

The Panasonic food processor completes your kitchen set. The key features are listed below.

10 in 1 Functionality

The Panasonic food processor has 10 in 1 functionality which is your complete kitchen partner. These functionalities are listed below.

  1. Hard fruit juicer
  2. Juice extractor
  3. Blender
  4. Chopper
  5. Grinder
  6. Meat mincer
  7. Vegetable cutter
  8. Magic Food processor
  9. Dry mill
  10. wet mill

Food Grade

With full metal stainless steel Spinner. Titanium saber cutter. Self-ventilating inner cap. Built-in circuit breaker and clear glass container the food-grade quality is ensured.

Full Metal Stainless Steel Spinner

Because it is made entirely of stainless steel, it can rotate at a high speed to extract more juice than ever before. The metal design also means there is minimal clogging and nicking of blades so they stay sharp longer.

100% copper motor

Its 100% copper motor is the guarantee for best performance and longer life.

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