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Electric Automatic Rice Cooker Commercial Large Capacity 13-Litre

With the all-around heating technology, the rice grains are evenly heated, locking the nutrients. Non-stick pot, easy to clean after meals, bid farewell to cleaning troubles. The large-capacity rice cooker is suitable for various occasions and can be used freely in various situations. Thickened hot plate, gathers energy to heat, rice is not sandwiched. The large panel is easy to operate, with one button operation, the red light means heating, and the yellow light means warming.

Electric Rice Cooker 6 Liter for Home & Commercial

1. stronger and bigger control panel, carrying handles and lid handles, lid holder design at the handle. 2. non-sticking coating in the inner pot. 3. extra heat-conducting oil covering the heating plate for more even heat distribution and protecting the heating plate

Electric Rice Cooker, Commercial, 18L Large Capacity, Automatic Insulation, Multi-function, Suitable For Hotels, Canteens, Schools, and Restaurant For 15-30 People (Size: 18L)

  • ★ Material: black crystal non-stick inner tank, heated chassis, wear resistance, no deformation, rice is more delicious.
  • ★ Using the measuring cup can reach the ideal ratio of rice to water. Because the inner pot has a non-stick coating, the rice will not burn and stick to the pan.
  • ★ One-touch cooking button to start the cooking cycle, once completed, automatically activate the keep warm function.
  • ★ The rice is perfectly cooked in about 25 minutes. Our rice cooker is suitable for cooking: white rice, porridge, cake, soup, etc.
  • ★ Easy to clean and operate, it can also be used by the elderly and children, suitable for all families, hotels, schools, construction sites, etc.

Geepas GRC4331 3.2L Electric Rice Cooker 1250W

  • Description1. 3-IN-1 FUNCTIONS - This pot features three different functions namely cook, steam, and keep warm. It allows you to choose your cooking method. After cooking, you can also keep your food warm. The steam function lets you cook rice healthily while preserving nutrients.
  • 2. DURABLE AND TOUGHER OUTER BODY - The cooker has an elegant design and a durable body. It has non-slip feet at its base, they keep the pot firmly in place. It has a compact and cute design. It covers less space and does not clutter your kitchen counter.
  • 3. 3.2L LARGE CAPACITY ACCESSORIES - This pot has a large capacity of 3.2L and lets you cook 1-12 cups of rice at a time. Now you can make large servings for the whole family or deal with sudden guests. It is quick and efficient.
  • 4. COOL TOUCH HANDLES - The pot has cool-touch handles made from quality materials. It is safe to use them while the device is cooking.
  • 5. PACKAGE INCLUDES - Cooker, Non-Stick Inner Pot, Detachable power cord, Spoon, and Measuring cup

Multifunction Commercial Electric Rice Cooker Large Capacity 10 Liter

This cooker / warmer is made of durable stainless steel, making it a reliable addition to your kitchenware. Equipped with an easy-to-open latch and an extra-large rice spatula, operating and serving are simple with this warmer. The inner pot is also complete with measurement markers for precise filling and prepping. For easy cleaning, both the inner lid and condensation collector are detachable and washable. This sleek and versatile cooker / warmer is the perfect appliance for your busy kitchen.

Original Geepas Electric Rice Cooker, White, 900Watts GRC4327N ( 2 Years Warranty )

Ideal for family dining, batch cooking, and meal prepping. Make healthy family meals without the hassle of using this versatile Geepas Multi-Cooker, which will rapidly cook your favorite foods. One appliance, endless possibilities! Your one-stop solution for perfectly cooked, delicious meals every time! Its sleek, compact shape enables you to free up kitchen space but it is capable of cooking an impressive variety of low-fat dishes, with a fantastic selection of recipes, and it also features cool touch handles for safety. For both safety and convenience, the glass lid is made from toughened glass that conserves heat in the pot and lets you see your cooking progress. The removable inner cooking pot features a non-stick coating to prevent the rice from sticking to the pot surface during the cooking process allowing for easy serving and quick cleanup. Made of the aluminum outer steamer with white powder-coated housing and the drum shape makes it look sleek and stylish. Keep Warm The keep-warm function automatically activates once the cooking cycle is complete great it you're not ready to eat right away or want to come back for a second serving.

Panasonic 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multi-Cooker | Ideal for Cooking, Baking, Frying, Steaming, Grilling and More

Cooking with the most popular Instant Pot is even easier with the Panasonic multi-cooker. Its updated lid means you never again have to worry about whether or not you remembered to close the steam release valve because the Panasonic lid automatically seals it, locking all the flavors, nutrients, and aromas in your meal, and to release the steam faster, just push the quick-release button to let the pressure out. It also has a new progress indicator on its bright black display so you always know what's happening inside, and 14 Smart Programs to help you start cooking whatever you want in a flash. Panasonic multi-cooker is perfect for both large and small families making everything from a quick side dish to whipping up big batches of prepared meals for the week. Whether you're in a hurry or have the time to savor the art of cooking, the Instant Pot offers a convenient, healthy way to get the job done that's also, using less energy than conventional methods and without heating up your kitchen. Clear the clutter from your counter and do it all with just one tool. You can use Panasonic multi cooker to prepare Saut, Slow Cook, Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Egg, Poultry, Desserts, Rice/Risotto, Multigrain & Steam. It features a nonstick-coated cooking pot that allows you to brown & saut foods for added flavor. Panasonic multi-cooker having an auto switch off pressure control which prevents accidents caused by excessive pressure. Panasonic always designs products considering customer's safety and satisfaction.