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PEL 25 Liter – Grill Microwave Oven – Silver-Desire Series

Original price was: ₨ 25,500.Current price is: ₨ 20,500.
Do you want to go beyond simply warming food and making tea in microwave ovens, and actually cook in one? You can do exactly that in the PEL Microwave oven. It is a combination oven that has both grill and solo. You can cook just whatever you want to and save time. It have Different time setting ranging from 1 sec to 99 mins. Operating this oven is simplest. Grill Funtion give this microwave power to Cook Desi Foods Like "Sajji" "Broast" "Fish Sajji".Cooking Western Food Like Pizza is Fun.Unique sensor technology allows you to select appropriate weight, setting temperature and time to cook your required meal.CLOCK FUNCTION Selection of cook and heat time with additional convenience of clock and kitchen timer. SPEEDY DEFROST Automatically adjusts weights and power level for speedy defrosting6 POWER LEVELS Gives convenience of setting power levels for variety of cooking.CHILD LOCK To prevent unsupervised operation of the microwave oven by children.