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1000g Stainless Steel Electric Grain Grinder Mill for Grinding Various Grains Spice Grain Mill Herb Grinder Pulverizer Powder


Commercial Large Capacity

Capacity: 1000g; Power: 2200W; Speed: 28000r/min; Fineness: 50-300 Mesh; Crush Level: Superfine Crush. →The commercial motor with 2200W power ensures that the speed of the 1000g grain grinder can be as high as 28,000r/min, except extremely hard material takes 2-3min to grind, normal grains only needs 30s to be ground into superfine powder.

How to Achieve Outstanding Grinding Effects

Grinding materials require a removable space, thus the optimum amount should not exceed 2/3 of the capacity. Then when the blade rotates at high speed, the upgraded 3-blade blade and the curved convex part of the upper cover contributes to a superfine grinding effect of 50-300mesh. Besides, if you encounter a large piece of medicinal material, cutting it into small pieces will have better effects.