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Kitchen Cookware

One of life’s truest pleasures, cooking at home is the supreme act of love toward family, friends, and guests. Believe it or not, it can actually be one of life’s simplest pleasures, too–provided you’re stocked with the right pots and pans for the job.

You know from experience that pasta expands when cooked, that tomato sauce spatters something terrible if overheated, and that the right tea kettle can fill your home with the most comforting whistle when the soul-warming brew’s ready. That’s why it’s so important to augment, rethink, and occasionally replace your pots and pans to ensure that your kitchen’s ready for each task at hand. For example, offers a full line of individual pots and pans–such as a large stockpot with a sieve inset to make draining those spaghetti noodles a breeze, or a tightly lidded saucepan that keeps the stovetop and surrounding range free from messy splatters. You’ll also find entire cookware collections including cast-iron cookware, stainless-steel cookware, copper cookware, and hard-anodized-aluminum cookware–pieces designed to not only perform flawlessly under a variety of applications, but also to look beautiful for effortless kitchen-to-table use.

For the professional (or simply adventurous) chef, provides a full range of specialty pots and pans–pieces such as oversized woks for authentic Asian cooking, risotto pans that create perfect versions of the Italian delicacy, and double boilers for melting fine chocolate, cooking European custards, and whipping up homemade fondues, frostings, or fudge. When you know what you need to round out your current cookware–or even if you’re just getting started on your cookware collection–you can sort by a number of different criteria in order to narrow in on the right pots and pans for the job. For example, search cookware by ethnicity to find a range of cookware tailored to those spicy Indian dishes or exotic Spanish sides you’ve been wanting to try. Or, search for cookware by brand or price (or both), and use the customer reviews to help you decide between Rachael Ray’s and Wolfgang Puck’s lines of non-stick frying pans.

Adding just one or two new cookware options can reinvigorate your entire kitchen and redouble your resolve to try that new recipe, which can in turn provide the impetus to invite that couple over for drinks and appetizers–or try your hand at hosting the family Thanksgiving this year. And that’s how memories are made.

Electric Deep Fryer at

Buy Electric Fryer, Commercial Electric Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Double Basket For Restaurant Home & Kitchen

The Professional Style Deep Fryer is designed with the heating element in the pot. This direct contact allows the oil to heat more quickly both prior to use and between batches. Since it is important for the oil to be at the appropriate temperature for use, an indicator light is built in to help you attain perfect results every time. The temperature is also adjustable so you can cater it to the foods you’re cooking.

Product details

  • Max Power: 2000 W
  • Tank Capacity: 06 L
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Temperature Range: 60℃ – 200℃ (140℉ – 392℉)

06 L Electric Deep Fat Fryers with Removable Basket, Dual Tank, 500 W Temperature Control, Removable Oil Bowl Deep Fryer for Home Kitchen & Commercial Use

This Stainless Steel Deep Fryer is durable for both home and commercial use. Easy to operate and clean. It is great for cooking French Fries, onion rings, egg rolls, fried chicken, panko shrimp and any other deep fried food.


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Professional Electric Dry Food Mill Grinding Machines

Buy Professional Electric Dry Food Mill Grinding Machines in Pakistan at

This new swing speed pilverizer adopts high speed single phase motor as power, can quickly crushing all kinds of soft and hard materials. Applicable to the clinic, hospital pharmacy, Health care products sales counter Valet processing, research institute, laboratory analysis and household food (rice, beans, red dates, sesame, etc), spices (pepper, pepper) grinding, more adapted to pseudo ginseng, pearl and other processing they carry, also suitable for chemical industry and feed industry.

Product details

  • Voltage: 220-240V / 110-130V
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Rated Power: 2500W
  • Thickness: 30-300 mesh
  • Working Time: 5 Minutes
  • Interval Time: 10 Minutes
  • Item Size: 370 * 160 * 160mm / 14.57 * 6.30 * 6.30in
  • Package Size: 400 * 200 * 200mm / 15.75 * 7.87 * 7.87in
  • Package Weight: 5000g / 11.02l
  • Features:
  • It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, can move freely, and has the advantages of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, both electricity and security and other characteristics.
  • The super high speed motor as the driving force, the latest anti locking blade, a main blade lengthened, more thoroughly crushed, medicinal powder fineness.
  • Grinding speed, grinding time of traditional Chinese medicine is generally not more than 3 minutes, breaking time less than 3 seconds, the timing switch, can set the grinding time, grinding complete automatic shutdown, use more convenient.
  • Clean sanitation, work laid the dust, using food grade silicone seals, crushing material without loss, crushing chamber adopts food grade stainless steel drawing process, wall using high gloss polishing technology, smooth and easy to clean, crushing different drugs never string color and odor, grinding groove and blades are made of stainless steel, meet avoid iron in many Chinese herbs requirements.
  • Simple operation, personnel without special training, the latest by button pressing type free threaded quick open cover, cover more convenient.
  • Good durability, cost-effective. Blade is of special steel and advanced shaver homogeneous, smash 100-200kg pieces without tool change.
  • The mill the latest increase air overload protector, the comprehensive protection of the motor, to avoid overload and burn motor.
Electronica Pakistan

Electronica Pakistan is one of the finest and top online ecommerce stores for online shopping in Pakistan which provides amazing and quality products and gives its customer cash on delivery service. There are many online stores out there which are also working but not only provides the quality products but also competes with top Online Shopping in Pakistan with Free Delivery. Electronica Pakistan Online Shop works for the customers and it categorize its products in different sections. Amazing Products, Toys, Dresses, Cameras, Exercise Products, Mobile Phones, Electronics etc and these Electronica Products in Pakistan categories helps the customers to better understand about the products that is specifications, classifications and features of the Products. Online Store is performing better and better day by day as it is serving the customers for several years and providing them excellence which is not provided by any of the other online shopping stores. Electronica  Pakistan is not only serving the people but also gives the facility of Payment on Delivery  which is one of the plus points of Electronica Products in Pakistan. People now a days try to move to innovations and that’s why Electronica Pakistan Online Store is serving for the betterment of life. You can easily find the products of your choice on this store and can easily purchase the products which you want.

Moreover, Electronica Pakistan is serving better then other online stores and it is quite clear that the is one of the store which provides the products in cheap prices that is you can buy your product in cheap price and that’s why it makes a difference between Electronica and other online stores that are working out there. Most of the customers of this Online Store are happy and from time to time it adds more and more new Online Products for betterment., the leading platform for online shopping in Pakistan!, the leading platform for online shopping in Pakistan!

Electronica is an outstanding e-commerce venture, enabling the customers to experience the best of online shopping in Pakistan. With its extensive and exclusive range of products, along with its consumer-friendly purchase policy, Electronica showcases the excellence of 2 years of experience in the field. On this spectacular platform of cyber trade, you will find an endless collection of quality products in numerous categories such as electronics, IT and gadgets, fashion, kitchen and home appliances and many more. We offer not only the products on sale but also the most efficient service and prices which are unimaginably economic in order to keep customer’s satisfaction the first priority.

Electronica undoubtedly is the ultimate trendsetter among all the online shopping sites in Pakistan. Electronica believes in not only offering the premium quality of every product but also completely redefining the pre and post sales perspective for the customers to enjoy safe and convenient shopping services.

Convenient Payment Methods

Here at Electronica, we understand that each individual has its own preferred method of payment which is convenient for them and that is why we have so many procedures from which you can pick your method of payment which you find suitable and reliable.

Extraordinary Discounts and Irresistible Sales

When it comes to shopping, what else can one want other than saving money without compromising over quality? This is what exactly Electronica does as we want our customers to find the best offers without any difficulty, right in front of them to choose their best pick. Here we offer amazing discounts on every product and put tremendous sales offer every now and then which is almost impossible to ignore as we value every penny that you decide to spend on buying our product.

Promissory Warranty

Electronica puts customer satisfaction ahead of every other thing and that is why we offer warranty on almost every product we sell. That is exactly why we encourage our customers to check their product and get satisfied with their purchase in order to ensure one hundred percent honesty and transparency.

Customer Support Service

Our goal has always been to help our customers save time and money. Electronica values the trust that our customers, associates, representatives and service providers place in us. This is why we’ve invested in creating an e-commerce platform that allows you to order your desired product and endeavor to manage personal information in accordance with our core value of respect for the individual. Customers can not only track their order, but also view previous orders, and keep a ‘wish list’ of products.

Remarkable Product Shipping Facilities

Electronica has an enormous network of professionals for providing efficient delivery services in every corner of Pakistan. No matter where you live or whatever the hurdles the path has, Electronica will always deliver your product under the promised date as we believe in fulfilling our commitment and ensuring punctuality. Therefore, you will always get your order with extreme care and safety on the given date.

Availability of the Latest & Upgraded Versions of Gadgets and Exclusive Fashion Stock

Technology and fashion keep updating with the pace of light and we never want our customer to feel disappointed when it comes to being exclusive. This is why Electronica not only leads the online mobile shopping activity in Pakistan but is also a trusted site for buying the latest electronic devices and coolest tech gadgets. Also, Electronica copes up well with the emerging fashion and market trends to provide unlimited choices and options for its customers according to the prevailing and ever-changing trends.

Wide Range of Products

In the world of trade and sales, e-commerce is a preferable option due to its convenience and benefit of providing a vast range of products in one go without any physical exertion to roam around the market seeking the desired quality and price. Electronica completely understands this inevitable phenomenon and hence has an online store with one of the largest hands-on collection of products under all the possible categories one can think of to evaluate the standard of online shopping.

Starting from an impressive range of smartphones and gadgets to the products an individual needs such as fashion couture and makeup products, Electronica stands for catering to every one of their loyal customers no matter what their background or interests are. That is why we make sure to have a diverse range of products that will be adored by anyone. There is something for everyone here at Electronica as we make sure to cover all the demographics to convey the perfect class of upscale purchase.

Home and Kitchen Appliances

Your home sweet home is incomplete without the efficient electronic home and kitchen appliances you need to make your life easy and your lifestyle luxurious. On Electronica, you will find every single electronic kitchen accessories in Pakistan that you can possibly think of for your kitchen and rest of the home. Of course, you are going to be worried about the prices as you want to save it more and more but we charge the most reasonable prices comparing from the overall market. The variety here is another edge that Electronica has compared to other e-commerce sites. The number of choices you will have here is unbeatable along with the guarantee of durability. The items of home appliances in Pakistan section includes Sandwich Maker, Deep Fryer Juicer, Blender & Chopper Electric Kettle Grinder Toaster, Food Processor Egg Machine Iron, Microwave, Refrigerator, Electric Grill, Induction Cooker, Ovens, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Insect Killer, Fan & Heater Coffee Maker, Rice Cooker, Food Steamer, Air Conditioners, Smart Lock, Water Dispenser, Mixer, Roti Maker, Kitchenware Geyser, Hand Tools & Repairs while the brands we have are AB Sons, Haier, Homage, Homeguard, Jackpot, Jamsons, Kemei, Kenwood, LG, Morphy Richards, Moulinex, Nova, Orient, Pacfic, Panasonic, PEL, Philips, Prestige, Remington, Rubbermaid, Russell, Samsung, Sencor, Sinbo, SOGO, Sonex, Stanley, TCL , Toptul, Toray, Veneto, Victoria, Victorinox, Waves, Westinghouse, Westpoint and Xiaomi.


Online shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping is an activity to do shopping or buy products electronically. Now a days, Pakistani people gets more and more advantage of Online shopping in Pakistan Or Pakistan online shopping because from Online Shopping they get the benefits, that is they sit in the home and wait for the product to deliver to their house. For online shopping many online stores have been created and they do sell products easily and make it easy for people to find the product which they want. For this, the stores categorize the products in different manners so that it is easier for the people to find products by using product categories.

People are today are mostly aware of Online Shopping in Pakistan as it is now a trend to buy products and services from online stores and shops. As you know that many brands, stores and shops are providing the products for online shopping but for Best Online shopping in Pakistan you have to visit the quality brands, stores and shops. As well as, there are many stores and brands out there but is one of the finest stores for Online Shopping in Pakistan. When we talk about other brands and online stores then here, we come to that there are no such stores which provides the best quality products in cheap prices.

If you’re searching for products and tired of searching good products which not only gives quality but also gives satisfaction to you. Pakistan Online Shopping is very easy but you have to choose the right store to buy best quality products for your business. If you’re unaware of brands and quality products then, first you have to find the right store for shopping and is one of the best and amazing stores for Online Shopping in Pakistan. Mostly, people avoid advertisements so this user friendly store don’t do any advertisements on the website so that it is more easier for the people get their desired needs.

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